Greuel Achieves Milestone with 1000 Rebounds

Last February, Gunnar Greuel was being celebrated on the basketball court for making
his 500th rebound. On Thursday afternoon, we again celebrated with Gunnar for
making his 1000th rebound in a home game against the Butternut Midgets. In less
than a year's time, he was able to double his rebound stat. Gunnar was the 2022-
2023 state rebound champion last year, and he is continuing his rebounding success
as he currently leads the state in rebounds again this year. Now he has set his
sights on the most rebounds ever in the state. The way he is going, we are certain
that he will achieve that also. Gunnar is pictured with Coach Curtis Decora and
Coach Josh Hautamaki. Photo and Cutline Courtesy of Winter School


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