April Student of the Month

   Randi Roberts, daughter of Tami Starcz and Randy Roberts, has been selected as the Winter High School Student of the Month for April 2024!
   Randi is a senior this year who plans to attend Arizona State University to study sports and performance counseling. She is a diligent worker on any and all assignments and is always willing to try any activity. Throughout her high school career Randi has kept up her excellent work ethic in rigorous classes while participating in three seasons of sports and working at McDonalds.
   Randi is an outstanding volleyball, basketball and softball star for Winter High School. She finds time to help out with Homecoming and other extracurricular activities while maintaining excellent grades. She also is a service student, assisting the physical education teacher with his elementary classes. This proves that Randi has exceptional time management skills. Additionally, she is a kind-hearted person who treats everyone with respect.
   Much can be said about Randi as a person but a recent event regarding a hamster that escaped into her car, clearly shows Randi’s true character. Although frustrated with the little critter chewing on her seats and causing a smell that obviously came from a rodent, Randi’s biggest concern was for the well-being of the hamster. Mr Delabar, the Winter School District physical education teacher, says, “Randi is my service student for multiple hours throughout the day. She is incredibly helpful and is trustworthy with any task, big or small, that I give to her. She has helped me out tremendously this year with creating Canva's, athletic director work, or helping set up or run a PE station. She was also nominated as this year's female Scholar Athlete and will attend the Lakeland Conference banquet on 4/17 with some of the conference's finest student athletes. She will be missed next year!”
   Congratulations to Randi for earning Student of the Month for April 2024!



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